Oh! My favorite subject! ;-)

Naah! Just a short brief.

I'm born in the year of the rat :-/, 1972 in Sandviken.
Sandviken is a small town near Gävle on the east coast of Sweden.

Since 1985 budo, or Japanese martial arts, has been a part of my life.
I started with practising ju-jutsu (still do) and 1991 I also start practice aikido.
You can read more about this in the chapter .

Yepp, this is me...

In 2001 I tried to scuba dive for the first time. I never really liked splashing around in the water but then I was planning a trip to Australia and I think it would be nice to have a certificate. Now I am obsessed! And underwater photography is my passion. It's an exciting, beautiful and quiet world, where you will find things you never can imagine. I find it too hard to describe, you have to try! On this site you can follow me and take a look at my underwater pictures.

I also like to travel. And that's a good thing to combined with scuba diving. At least if you're living up in the north. will take you on a journey to the places I have visited.

My interest in has follow me from the sea up on solid ground. I have a on this site to show you some of my work. Hope you will enjoy it...

I'm working with computer system (prefer Unix-systems) and enterprise products and systems like IBM WebSphere Application Server on z/OS at Sandvik Information Technology. But this site was just about what I do on my spare time... So sorry... No computer-geek-talking here :-)