When I was 12 years old a friend of mine, Magnus Persson, ask me if it wasn't cool if we learn some martial arts.
-"Uh? I don't know what it is..." I answer him.
-"Like Karate or Judo?!"
Well... this was in the 80th... and I was a kid...
-"You mean stuff like the ninjas do in the movies... coool!"

So we start practice ju-jutsu in the only club in town, Sandviken Ju-Jutsu Club.
And... well... maybe it wasn't like the action movies, but it was fun. So, here I am, over 20 years later I still standing on the same mat, throwing people into the ground. But nowadays it's not only ju-jutsu, but aikido as well.

To develop my ju-jutsu, I and another friend of mine, Marcus Steen, start to practice aikido for Christoffer Zettermark in Falun Aikido Dojo. Aikido become more and more interesting and 1994 I start my own aikido class in Sandviken.

I got my first black belt in ju-jutsu in 1992, and for aikido the year 2000.

Now I hold a yondan (4th back belt) in ju-jutsu kai, sandan (3rd) in aikido and nidan (2nd) in toho (swordpractice related to aikido by Nishio Sensei).

During the years I also try some other martial arts, just to feel what it is.
This includes karate (kyokushin kai), judo, pentjak silat, kahli, krav maga, taichi and taijutsu.